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Generative AI

Boosting productivity

What we do

We create customized Generative AI solutions for organizations with the objective to boost quality and productivity.

AI technology is set to redefine every role in every enterprise, with human-AI collaboration becoming the norm.

By adopting this technology early on, our clients not only secure a competitive edge but also strategically position themselves at the forefront of the impending AI revolution.

Why now


Proof of value

Scale solution

Operate and support

We cut through the hype surrounding AI and help you discover use-cases where AI can significantly enhance your operations.

We validate the value-add of AI use-cases with rapid prototyping and user testing.

Once validated, we scale AI solutions and help you integrate them into your processes.

We ensure seamless and efficient functioning of our AI solutions and provide support.

Our approach

Document processing

Automatically extract information from documents (receipts, contracts, emails, forms, etc.) and process them, for example:

  • Classify documents in predefined categories

  • Validate and verify information

  • Analyze the sentiment

  • Create a summary

Enterprise knowledge chat

Access your entire enterprise knowledge through a single chat interface powered by ChatGPT. Employees can use natural language to quickly retrieve information from

  • Documents and emails

  • Databases and ERP Systems

  • Knowledge bases

  • Project management tools

Feedback and reporting

Automatically analyze large volumes of feedback, such as customer opinions on products or employee insights on processes:

  • Identify recurring topics and opinions

  • Condense key insights into summaries for management

Customer support

Handle customer inquiries via a ChatGPT powered customer support bot:

  • Resolve common issues

  • Answer questions about products and services

  • Delegate complex inquiries to employees

Featured use-cases

Invoice processing

Automating invoice processing for an accounting consultancy.

Financial reporting

Building a co-pilot for SBB to assist in monthly financial reporting.

Case studies

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